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Griffin Barrows is a good looking young man with a little bit of hair on his swimmer’s body, and scruff around his face. He is five feet eleven inches tall, has brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and he is versatile with a six and a half inch cut cock and a lovely set of balls that love to be licked and gently squeezed.
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In ‘Couples Massage,’ Griffin Barrows is massaging Vadim Black’s wife. She has a towel over most of her body, and as he massages her, Griffin and Vadim keep smiling seductively at each other. Vadim’s wife falls asleep during her massage, so Griffin asks Vadim if he wants a massage as well.

Vadim gets naked, and as he lies on his front on the table, Griffin puts a towel over Vadim’s naked and beautiful firm ass. Vadim enjoys the feeling of Griffin’s soft oily hands over his back, and we get a glimpse of Vadim’s ass as Griffin goes lower and lower.
Vadim turns onto his back, and as Griffin softly caresses his smooth chest, Vadim starts to get aroused. Using his thumbs, Griffin rolls them around Vadim’s small dark nipples and tells him to close his eyes.

Even though Vadim’s wife is still asleep on the table next to them, Griffin takes off Vadim’s towel, and we get to see just how hard his cock has got. Griffin takes hold of it, and with a cheeky grin, he starts sucking on Vadim’s cock. Vadim whispers how good it is, and then things get even hotter when Griffin deep throats it and plays with Vadim’s balls.
Griffin gets naked and carries on teasing Vadim Blacks cock and balls with his tongue and mouth. He climbs up onto the table, and in seductive whispers, he squats down and rides Vadim’s condom covered cock.
Griffin Barrows gets his sweet ass drilled all over the table, and he shoots his thick white cum over his body as Vadim’s carries on fucking him. Although he has cum, Vadim keeps on drilling him, and just at the wrong moment, Vadim’s wife wakes up.

Griffin quickly hides under the table, and as Vadim’s wife gets up and tells him that she needs a shower, Griffin takes hold of Vadim’s cock through a hole in the table. He sucks and jerks on Vadim’s cock for a while, and gets his juicy reward when Vadim’s cock erupts with cum as it fires off into Griffin Barrows mouth.
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